Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where the a small crowd of customers watches as the TJ Maxx manager says no when a woman tries to return a taped-up bag of Joe coffee and an opened box of Holly n’ Kids plastic birthday cake pieces that is missing the plastic cake platter and the woman shouts “these were GIFTS!” and makes such a fuss that the manager finally tells the salesclerk to “take it, just take it, I can’t take it” which means, in this case, the woman receives store credit for the ruined merchandise.

Where the 10 year old boy hurls hard-packed snowballs against a storefront until an elderly couple yells at him to stop lest he break a window and the boy’s father defends his son so then the couple chastises the father and walk away disgusted whereupon the father yells at his son until the boy runs off to find his mother saying, “I hate him” to his mother who has no idea who the boy hates or why.

Where, by the counter at the Starbucks on 93rd and Broadway, a stubbly faced man wearing a knit ski cap bumps into a man wearing a yarmulka and the man in the ski cap says, “Are you Jewish? I’m Jewish too so don’t worry!” and the man wearing the yarmulka shifts his Venti half-caff to the other hand, muttering, “I wasn’t worried,” and as he walks away the man in the ski cap shouts after him: “I’m Jewish TOO so you can just go on your merry way!”